São Paulo Brazil Pt. 1


São Paulo is the largest city in South America, with around 11 million people living in the city, and another 10 million around it. All these seems to have a car. My good friend Dean – who do know São Paulo well – told me about the traffic, and adviced me to stay close to the venue Morumbi Stadium. So I went way over my hotel budget and booked at the Sheraton WTC in the Brooklin area, 5 km (3 miles) and one hour walk from the stadium, also within 15 minutes walk to other places I need to visit during my stay, like the Stones hotel.

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Goodbye Rio hello Sao Paulo


Rio de Janeiro was such a great city to be in when The Rolloing Stones were in town!. I was here ten years ago as well, to see The Rolling Stones playing in front of one and a half million fans at the beach of Copacabana. This time on the Olé Tour 2016 it was a better concert, because it was at a stadium, and because everyone in the stadium were really into the Stones.

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The Rolling Stones live in Rio de Janeiro Feb 20, 2016

The Rolling Stones at Maracana Stadium Rio De Janeiro! It was a large crowd and a large stadium. The band used the wings and the walkways a lot, due to the size of the venue, so even if I was not center stage, I got to see Mick, Keith and Ronnie close up many times. Even Charlie with his “Brazil” inspired bright yellow shirt was easy to spot.

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Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a great returning visit ten years after the amazing Rolling Stones at the Copacabana 2006 show. Three weeks into the Rolling Stones 2016 Ole tour, I was returning to Rio. A great tour start week in Chile, nine days in Buenos Aires, and a short three days visit to Uruguay. Rio is next, and it took just 48 hours, I was in love with Rio, once more!

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The Rolling Stones live in Montevideo Uruguay Feb 16, 2016

Arriving at the Estadio Centenario gates by 3pm in the afternoon, there was home made Rolling Stones merchandise everywhere. Some waiting, and soon we were inside the pit Keith side. Fans from Uruguay as well as fans from all other parts of the world had arrived into Montevideo for this show.

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Montevideo Uruguay

I got an advice by ly the local Stones fan Varilla to stay by the beach area Carrasco, which is half an hour by taxi outside the downtown Montevideo area. That was a great advice. As soon as I settled in to the Hotell Cottagge I knew this was a place for relaxing and resting. The nearby bar and restaurant area was perfect, with some great outdoor dining.

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Lancaster Hotel Cordoba 405 Buenos Aires

Cordoba Cuatro Cientos Cinco. That is where I told the taxi driver to go when I was heading home after the first show with The Rolling Stones when I saw them live at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in 1998. Eighteen years ago. The Lancaster Hotel on Cordoba 405 was my favorite home back in 1998, same during the next tour to Argentina in 2006, and then now in 2016 with three great shows at the Estadio Unico in La Plata. The Lancaster Hotel on Cordoba 405 in Buenos Aires is such a lovely place, I just have to tell you about my love for this great place!

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The Rolling Stones live in Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 13

The Rolling Stones are performing the third show in Argentina during the 2016 tour. We are preparing the evening with a meal at Cafe La Barra on Cordoba 484. A large Banana Split will take care of the energy level for a while. Then our favorite taxi driver is waiting at 4pm outside our hotel. I managed to read 10 minutes in the user guide of my camera, for the first time, and will try a manual setting, hoping the B-stage photos will work this time. We are at La Plata at 5:30 and inside the venue within half an hour. Staying close up at the B-stage is hard work but we stay there from “Happy” and until the end of the show. “Miss You” with Mick, Ronnie and Keith close up was one highlight, another was Mick and Sasha during “Gimme Shelter”.

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Caminito La Boca Buenos Aires

The Rolling Stones official poster for the 2nd show in Buenos Aires Feb 10 is inspired by the colours and the feel of Caminito La Boca. It is a colourful area. I wanted to go there, and made plans for visiting some well known places on my way. It was a great walk, and like always walking a city is much metter than hopping on a tourist trip with a bus. This is the story of my way from Cordoba via San Telmo to Caminito La Boca.

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