The Rolling Stones live in Lima Peru March 6, 2016

It is show day and I have already printed the boarding card for my next flight to Bogota. That is the sad part of the tour. When you go to the show you are already making preparations for the next city, and for leaving the current city soon. Anyway, I was in Lima, working hard on my deadline, to leave my hotel at 1:30pm, because I had early entrance. I had to be at the venue by 3pm.

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Lima Peru Pt. 2


I fell in love with Lima Peru the same evening I arrived into town. How lucky I was to be staying at the Sheraton, right next to the street Jirón de la Unión. I had three different hotel bookings for Lima, did not know where to stay, but by luck I chose the area which was not Miraflores, but as I found out the most beautiful part of the city of Lima.

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Lima Peru Pt. 1


I was in my taxi on my way from the airport in Lima to my hotel. It was 11am in the morning, as we had changed time zones and turned the clock back two hours vs. the East Coast of Brazil. Every driver in Lima is hunking their horn if something takes more than a second, so there is lots of hunking horns. Then I get blinded by the beauty of this blue church right outside my car window. The colour, the architecture, the little quiet park in front of it. So beautiful. I make a note of the address and walk back to see it. And I just have to go back every day and watch this beautiful building. This is Lima!

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