The Los Angeles rehearsals 2015

The reason why I arrive early is because I love the rehearsals. Also my wife ask me to go as soon as they start rehearsing. I don’t listen, I am not present at home in my mind anymore. This is the part where we look for the rehearsals, what happens, and what we see.

After one and a half week staying in thye central Hollywood Hills area I move near the rehearsals site. I need to keep in walking distance, so I stay at the nearby Marriott. Soon I meet old friends from the crew there, it is a small world.

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Fonda Theatre, Wednesday May 20, 2015

I arrived to Hollywood Los Angeles by Monday at noon, moving into a hotel in walking distance to the Fonda Theatre. When there is a club show then rule number one is stay close.

I walk over to the Fonda many times, I see they are building up for the show. Trucks, security, all the signs I need to see. By Tuesday I see people queuing up outside the Fonda.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA, Sunday May 3rd, 2015

Nine time zones and two long flights later, I am arriving at my good friend Dean’s home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This will be my home for one and a half weeks from now on.

I am in LA before the Stones. That is part of my plan. I want to be here before they start the rehearsals. There are rumours about rehearsals in Europe, NYC, also other places in USA. I use my best judgement and go to LA.

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