The Rolling Stones live in São Paulo Brazil Feb 27, 2016

It is São Paulo and Saturday show day Feb. 27. No heavy workload today. I am free to plan the whole day with 100% focus on the show tonight. As a control freak, with my stupid “walk the city” all day before the show on Wednesday, today it will be all different. It will be “business as usual”. Like I use to do it.

First a solid breakfast. Then printing the boarding card and all the details for the Porto Alegre flight tomorrow Sunday. Then walking the city for a couple of hours in the morning, not in the afternoon. Then some hours working on, always lots to do. Then concert dinner at 4pm. It is Saturday. The traffic is easy, no cars on the roads, many bars and cafes are closed. I find a great new favorite where I get the perfect concert meal. Such a quiet nice place in one of the side streets of Av. Berrini.

I am ready to leave my hotel at 5:30pm. Walking one hour the 5 km (3 miles) to the Morumbi Stadium. It is the 2nd show at this place so I know exactly where to go. I have a great view of the wired bridge as I walk to the stadium. As I get closer to the venue the sun is down and it is getting dark. I am at the venue at 6:30pm and inside 15 minutes later. Meeting friends, and into the crowd for a great position with a clear view of the entire band, where I know they will be.

The show? We get “She’s A Rainbow”, and another performance by the band I love, I can’t complain. They can’t do a one out of ten show every night. For the show details please see the reportts pages of The Rolling Stones live in São Paulo Brazil Feb 27, 2016.

Then the final bow, I am out in 10 minutes, then I walk 10 minutes, to beat the incoming taxi queue, then get a taxi in the “no queuing area”, and 15 minutes later I am at my hotel, just before midnight. Checking out the photos from the new camera until 2am in the morning, I am happy with the manual settings. It works!