Strasbourg France Stones tour stopover

Strasbourg is not on the Stones tour list. Still, it is on my way from the show in Marseille France, to the next show in Stuttgart Germany. With just two weeks left of the tour, I knew that weeks of queuing, standing, working and travel needed an extra “plan B” for the last two weeks. I had flights booked home from Marseille and back to Stuttgart, but it would have taken me two days. Now I changed my plans so that I did not have to stress with airport security and hours of extra travel logistics.
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The Rolling Stones in Marseille France June 2018

Marseille is show number 11 of 14 on this tour. With close to two months behind me on tour, and just two more weeks of travel, I feel the need for staying on the tour rather than going home between every show. For this travel I have made my dream trip flying into Paris, then train to Marseille, return train to Paris, onwards train to Strasbourg, then Stuttgart for the show there, then home via a flight out of Frankfurt.
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