USA Today – News on tour USA 2019

News and what is happening day to day locally is an important part of life for me. Wherever I go, I do always read the local news. Ideally I want the news as told in a printed newspaper, which I can read during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most hotels do offer a free newspaper, and for most of my stays, that happens to be “USA Today”. Continue reading “USA Today – News on tour USA 2019”

Alexandria and Arlington VA USA Stones Tour 2019 stopover

When The Rolling Stones No Filter US Tour 2019 took me to Washington D.C. three weeks ago, for the show in Landover MD, I loved the DC area so much that I just wanted to go back. The travel logistis from Jacksonville FL into Philadelphia PA ended up with a flight into Dulles Airport, west of Washington D.C., in the state of Virginia, so then I could do a two days stopover and enjoy the area a bit more! Continue reading “Alexandria and Arlington VA USA Stones Tour 2019 stopover”

St Hans aften Asker Norway 23-June-2018

I arrived home from The Rolling Stones show in Berlin at 3pm in the afternoon of June 23. This evening is St Hans aften and it is the most important summer day in my family, like with many others in Norway. The local strawberries were booked and secured by my wife at the local farmer, and we took the strawberries, camping chairs, food and a great mood to the beach by the Oslofjord at Blakstadbukta.
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The Rolling Stones at London Stadium Stratford UK May 2018

London Stadium was built for the London Summer Olympics 2012. The stadium was originally called Olympic Stadium, but later on they changed the name to London Stadium. The stadium is located in a park called “Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park”. According to friends, the area used to be wasteland, then it was renovated for the Summer Olympics. I moved into Stratford for the week, The Rolling Stones are in London, that is why I am here.
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Regents Park London UK May 2018

Thursday May 10, 2018 I am in London on the 2nd week of The Rolling Stones rehearsals in London UK. Today is a holiday in Norway so I don’t have to work all day. I finish my work 10:30am and take the tube. One hour later I am at Regents Park, my favorite in London. The beauty and the relaxing atmosphere in this park is sort of loading my batteries. You walk tired into the park, and after a short hour of beautiful birds, flowers and people enjoying the park, you are all relaxed.
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London UK travels 2017

London UK is the city I have been to most times away from home. My first trip to see the Stones live in London was in 1982, two shows at Wembley Stadium that summer. Since then I returned to see every single performance by The Rolling Stones in London, as well as in UK; also many solo appearences by the band members, including Ian Stewart, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. I could write a book about my London Stones travels, including sleeping in the streets for club shows, may be later. This is just a quick tribute from my travels this year.
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Summertime in Norway

Norway is clearly defined by four seasons climate wise. Some say the summer is the best part of the year, others live for the winters. Spring and autumn bridge these extreme times of the year. Personally I love all the four seasons. Still, it is in the summer you are able to explore most of our remarkable and beautiful country. The past two summers of 2016 and 2017 there were no tours with The Rolling Stones, unlike 2013, 2014, 2015, when I was away from home touring, so I did realy enjoy summertime in Norway this year as well as last year.
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