The Rolling Stones live in Bogota Colombia March 10, 2016

I had settled in here in Bogota at a hotel in the socalled Finance area, a nice area with bouquet bars and restaurants. Having a meal at 4pm, I had to stay inside, because it was a heavy thunderstorm. As I was watching the lighting strike just outside my restaurant widow panorame view, I counted half a second between the lighting strike and the thunders, which means approx 150 meters, i.e. 500 feet. Pretty close. I also understood why the sidewalks in Bogota are so elevated, the streets were flooded by water like 15 cm high i.e. half a foot, never seen anything like it before.

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Bogota Colombia pt 2

Museo Botero was the first stop of my Bogotá tourist walk on Thursday March 10, the day of the Stones show. I left my hotel at noon, and in order to get more time for walking new areas, I took a taxi to the Museo Botero, some 8 km i.e. 5 miles from my hotel. Taxi is cheap in Bogotá, with typical price 10,000 peso i.e. US $3. I had a plan of walking the city in the tourist area, i.e. the cultural area as I found out, then I would just walk around and head home eventually.

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