Strasbourg France Stones tour stopover

Strasbourg is not on the Stones tour list. Still, it is on my way from the show in Marseille France, to the next show in Stuttgart Germany. With just two weeks left of the tour, I knew that weeks of queuing, standing, working and travel needed an extra “plan B” for the last two weeks. I had flights booked home from Marseille and back to Stuttgart, but it would have taken me two days. Now I changed my plans so that I did not have to stress with airport security and hours of extra travel logistics.
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The Rolling Stones in Marseille France June 2018

Marseille is show number 11 of 14 on this tour. With close to two months behind me on tour, and just two more weeks of travel, I feel the need for staying on the tour rather than going home between every show. For this travel I have made my dream trip flying into Paris, then train to Marseille, return train to Paris, onwards train to Strasbourg, then Stuttgart for the show there, then home via a flight out of Frankfurt.
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St Hans aften Asker Norway 23-June-2018

I arrived home from The Rolling Stones show in Berlin at 3pm in the afternoon of June 23. This evening is St Hans aften and it is the most important summer day in my family, like with many others in Norway. The local strawberries were booked and secured by my wife at the local farmer, and we took the strawberries, camping chairs, food and a great mood to the beach by the Oslofjord at Blakstadbukta.
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The Rolling Stones in Berlin Germany June 2018

Berlin is one hour thirty minutes flying from Oslo, same time zone, while London is a two hours flight and one hour behind us time zone wise. I thought that would ease my travel logistics, but the combination of the low price airliner Norwegian, the useless low cost airport Berlin Schönefeldt, and the large distances in Berlin, made this travel busy.
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The Rolling Stones in Twickenham London UK June 2018

Twickenham Stadium London June 19 is the last UK show of The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour 2018. I have been flying in and out of London six times on this tour, and this was my travel number nine in total also counting the flights to Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh. May and June and the shows so far has been just great. A lot of fish’n’ships, changing time zone, I have stayed on UK time for a while now, and enjoying every bit of the British. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be in the home land and the home city of The Rolling Stones. And tonight, we are in Twickenham, in the area where it all started in the very early 60’s, fiftyfive or so years ago by now.
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The Rolling Stones in Cardiff UK June 2018

The show in Cardiff was following a six days break in the tour schedule. We were in the middle of the tour, with seven shows behind us, and seven more shows to go. As I spent two weeks following the rehearsals in London early May, I had been six weeks on the tour by now. Week seven gave me the break I needed to see my family, and to catch up a bit with normal life and work back at home. Well six days turn into four days when there is a day worth of travel every time I go to and from UK, but still, four days of free time is a lot on a busy tour!
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The Rolling Stones in Manchester UK June 2018

Manchester is a big city. I got to learn the size of the city the hard way. With plans for public transportation from the airport to my hotel, as usual, I bought a return ticket on the Station, boarded the train, and 20 minutes later I was in the centre of Manchester, at Oxford Road station. Then it should be a short walk to the connection train, tube or whatever it was for my final destination Salford Quays. I messed around, did not see any street maps or directions or any signs of my connecting station. After half an hour I gave up, got into a taxi, and twelve minutes later I was at my hotel Holiday Inn Express Manchester Salford Quays.
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The Rolling Stones in Coventry UK June 2018

Coventry was an easy travel from Birmingham on show day Saturday June 2. I checked out of my Birmingham hotel by 10:50am, and was in my IBIS Coventry City Centre hotel room 50 minutes later. I just love local train rides and hotels near the stations, they make travel so much more easy and painless. If I had gone home between the Southampton and Coventry shows, I would have spend 8 hours on travel for the Coventry show.
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Birmingham UK Stones tour stopover

Birmingham was my next stop on The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour travel 2018. There was no show in Birmingham, I just had a stopover. Normally I would fly home between the shows, but I managed to make it possible to stay on the tour, and Birmingham seemed like a great stopover before heading to the next show show in Coventry on Saturday. Over the years I have heard Birmingham might be a slightly “rough” city, but I wanted to see for myself. Also, there will always be great places in any city. I had such great days in Stratford London last week during the two shows at London Stadium, so I was sure there was something to see and enjoy in Birmingham too.
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