40×5 Tributo Bar Buenos Aires Argentina

First on the list in Buenos Aires after show number one Sunday was a visit to the 40×5 Tributo Bar. It is a great Stones bar and a must visit for all Stones fans. We went there the day after the show, and met fans and friends. Every picture is telling a story, and this is a bar you must visit. A separate “Mick Jagger” wall, with Mick theme, then one for Keith, a pinball machine, pictures all over, a Keith Richards statue, and Stones fans!

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The Rolling Stones live in Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 10

Show number two of three in Argentina. I have been in Buenos Aires since Friday Feb. 5, 2016. It is now Wednesday, and it has been six great days in the city of The Rolling Stones. Some more fans arrive from far away like Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Most of the fans are local, arriving from Buenos Aires or other cities in Argentina. Another sold out show. This time we have booked a taxi from Buenos Aires to La Plata. This is the story of our show and the travel to one of the best ever Rolling Stones shows in Buenos Aires.

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The Rolling Stones live in Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 7

We are waiting for a bus to take us to La Plata. It is leaving at 5:30pm on show day, Sunday February 7, 2016, a bit late, but I am optimistic. It is an hour or so driving south of Buenos Aires, and I hope the bus will have it’s own track, so that we do not have any traffic jam or delays. The weather has been great since I arrived into Buenos Aires on Friday, but now, suddely, it has started to rain. While it was +30 decrees C during the past two days, it is still warm. I left my rain ponch at my hotel. Well life is great, and I am an optimist!
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The Rolling Stones Chile press photos and rehearsals

This is the story behind the IORR report about The Rolling Stones Photo session and rehearsals at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Monday February 1, 2016. May be it sounds easy and random, but to be honest, there is very little I do by random on Stones tours, and especially not just before tour start, on a day when I expect The Rolling Stones to be doing soundcheck and rehearsals at the stadium…
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Santiago de Chile

The Rolling Stones Latin America Olé Tour 2016 is opening Wednesday February 3 at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago de Chile, Chile. It is always great to arrive a few days early for the tour start. There might be rehearsals, soundcheck at the venue, and you get to meet local fans as well as friends and fans on travel. Santiago de Chile is a large city, and a beautiful one. You just have to walk the city and enjoy it.

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Stones Life – From Oslo Norway to Santiago de Chile

My life has been a life with The Rolling Stones. You may say I have been living a Stones Life. Not as or with the Stones, but always following them. As a fan. Ever since I was sixteen years old I have made my plans in life so that it would be possible to see The Rolling Stones – if and when they tour. My first show with the Rolling Stones was in Scandinavium Gothenburgh 1973. Since then the Stones have taken me across the world many many times.

The Rolling Stones will be on tour in Latin America starting Wednesday Feb 3, 2016. When I saw The Rolling Stones in Buenos Aires in 1998, five shows at River Plate Stadium, I said to my self if they ever go back to South America, I have to be there. Every show. Every time. Every city. There is so much energy in the band and in the crowds in Latin America. So here I am, once more, on a flight from my home town Oslo Norway via London and Toronto to Santiago de Chile.
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The Los Angeles rehearsals 2015

The reason why I arrive early is because I love the rehearsals. Also my wife ask me to go as soon as they start rehearsing. I don’t listen, I am not present at home in my mind anymore. This is the part where we look for the rehearsals, what happens, and what we see.

After one and a half week staying in thye central Hollywood Hills area I move near the rehearsals site. I need to keep in walking distance, so I stay at the nearby Marriott. Soon I meet old friends from the crew there, it is a small world.

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