San Diego, Friday May 22, 2015

I took the Amtrak train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego the day after the Fonda Theatre show. The train ride was great, you go by the coast and you have the Pacific ocean to your right all the way. Highly recommended ride. Also, by adding $19, I got business class seats, which means great seats, lots of space, free coffee, free food, and I could work on my PC doing the Fonda show reports on my way, no time lost on this train ride. I will for sure look for more great train rides on this tour. So far I have no flights booked, I need to book 14 flights very soon!

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Fonda Theatre, Wednesday May 20, 2015

I arrived to Hollywood Los Angeles by Monday at noon, moving into a hotel in walking distance to the Fonda Theatre. When there is a club show then rule number one is stay close.

I walk over to the Fonda many times, I see they are building up for the show. Trucks, security, all the signs I need to see. By Tuesday I see people queuing up outside the Fonda.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA, Sunday May 3rd, 2015

Nine time zones and two long flights later, I am arriving at my good friend Dean’s home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This will be my home for one and a half weeks from now on.

I am in LA before the Stones. That is part of my plan. I want to be here before they start the rehearsals. There are rumours about rehearsals in Europe, NYC, also other places in USA. I use my best judgement and go to LA.

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