The Los Angeles rehearsals 2015

The reason why I arrive early is because I love the rehearsals. Also my wife ask me to go as soon as they start rehearsing. I don’t listen, I am not present at home in my mind anymore. This is the part where we look for the rehearsals, what happens, and what we see.

After one and a half week staying in thye central Hollywood Hills area I move near the rehearsals site. I need to keep in walking distance, so I stay at the nearby Marriott. Soon I meet old friends from the crew there, it is a small world.

I walk over to the rehearsals every day. It takes less than half an hour. We see the Stones, but the building complex is large and we hear nothing. You must be quite an addicted fan in order to stay at such a place for weeks without anything to see except for a few other fans, and of course the band coming and leaving. But as long as I am there I know what they do, where they are, it is like sitting close by the camp fire, it feels safe.

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