The Rolling Stones live in Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 7

We are waiting for a bus to take us to La Plata. It is leaving at 5:30pm on show day, Sunday February 7, 2016, a bit late, but I am optimistic. It is an hour or so driving south of Buenos Aires, and I hope the bus will have it’s own track, so that we do not have any traffic jam or delays. The weather has been great since I arrived into Buenos Aires on Friday, but now, suddely, it has started to rain. While it was +30 decrees C during the past two days, it is still warm. I left my rain ponch at my hotel. Well life is great, and I am an optimist!

The bus is parked at 6:35pm or so. We walk for half an hour, and then I am in. The stadium is filling up. The rain is getting slower, and by 8:30pm it is no more rain. The Stones crew are working hard to clean up the rain from the stage. The Stones are on at 9:11pm. See reports and pictures from the show on the IORR pages The Rolling Stones, Estadio Unico, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday February 7, 2016.