Buenos Aires Argentina

One week with The Rolling Stones in Chile has come to an end. I wish I could stay one more week in Chile! It takes a week, then I fall in love with a city. True. But Santiago de Chile was still great, I loved it. Great weather. Great fans. Goodbye Chile. I will miss you, but… Buenos Aires is next, I have to go!

I was crossing the Andes mountains, snow capped and great looking. A flight of an hour or so took me into the capital city of Argentina – Buenos Aires. The best place to see the Rolling Stones in the world. I have been here before, and even if I miss Chile, I know it will not take long until I am in the Buenos Aires mood. The fans in these pictures tells it all.

I had settled in on Avenida Cordoba, my favorite area to stay in Buenos Aires. And I go to Cafe La Barra every time I need a drink, a meal, or to meet friends. Because I spend so much time in my room working, I need to be very efficient, can’t walk all over the city every day looking for drinks and food. The first week or so of the tour have simply been too much work for me…

Walking over to the Stones hotel, i.e. one of them, they stay in several hotels in Buenos Aires, I see a hundred or so fans waiting for the Stones to show up. Cameras are pointing to Keith’s room. Buenos Aires have waited for ten years for the Stones, since 2006, and now there will be three shows in Argentina – happy days!

Meeting up with friends at Cafe La Barra, Av Cordoba 484, Roy, who first met me in Buenos Aires in 1998 when I came for five shows, such great days, then Juha from Finland, who I have been on tour with longer than I can remember, since 1989 may be, that should be 27 years, and Terje from Norway, so great to have someone to speak Norwegian with on tour!