Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso is an amazing city in Chile. If you have an extra day in Chile then it is a must to visit. One reason is because it is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage City – of great cultural value to the world. Secondly because it is a unique city, many people, sitting by the coast of Chile.

I took Sunday off. No special Rolling Stones activities today. The bus took one and a half hours from the bus station in Santiago de Chile to Valparaiso. It was a great ride through the landscape, with hills and scenery changing as we got closer to the coast.

The tourist office at the Valparaiso bus station had a great map of the city. The most intesting part is just to walk the city. It is made up by many hills. In order to access the hills easily, there are many elevators, like small traps. ASnd there are stairs. Pleny of stairs.

I walked the city in three hours. Normally I would advice to add a couple more hours, but three hours is giving you the time to get a feel of the city. Many people, it seems more busy than Santiago de Chile, and it was market day as I arrived on Sunday.

Also lots of stray dogs everywhere. They seemed to live their life on their own, and somebody must be feeding them, because they were not really skinny. Some times there was some heavy barking, then a few dogs had a discuission regarding who was the leader and who was to be led. The usual “I am the leader” thing…

Time to leave Valparaiso for Santiago. I had a great day out by the coast. Now back to the foot of the Andes mountains…