San Diego, Friday May 22, 2015

I took the Amtrak train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego the day after the Fonda Theatre show. The train ride was great, you go by the coast and you have the Pacific ocean to your right all the way. Highly recommended ride. Also, by adding $19, I got business class seats, which means great seats, lots of space, free coffee, free food, and I could work on my PC doing the Fonda show reports on my way, no time lost on this train ride. I will for sure look for more great train rides on this tour. So far I have no flights booked, I need to book 14 flights very soon!

These pictures below were taken in the afternoon of May 22. I was walking over to the Petco Stadium, the Stones trucks outside the stadium is a great sight. Also, I am a romantic dreamer, when I see a wedding couple walking by outsidse the stadium it is such a great sight, they look so happy, I wish them well and I hope to see moree happy people on this tour!





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