Los Angeles, CA, USA, Sunday May 3rd, 2015

Nine time zones and two long flights later, I am arriving at my good friend Dean’s home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This will be my home for one and a half weeks from now on.

I am in LA before the Stones. That is part of my plan. I want to be here before they start the rehearsals. There are rumours about rehearsals in Europe, NYC, also other places in USA. I use my best judgement and go to LA.

Ronnie arrives a couple of days after me. The rest of the band is in place mid-week, and they start the rehearsals by the end of the week.

We are checking out all the usual rehearsals places in the area. They are NOT at the Burbank studio they used two years ago. We are there every day until we understand they are at a different location. So we have to look more into it.

By the end of the week we find the place. All the signs we need to have are telling us the Stones are at the Third Encore studio. So we spend more time there. We see Rinnie arriving. Keith, he makes us see him so thank you it helps to be a fan they know, then they will make access and be visible. Then they go undercover. They don’t want a large crowd out there, so we try to stay away.

When the autograph hunters arrive we try to stay away by the traffic lights. The car comes by and we manage to make cointact over there. It is a cat and mouse game.



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