The Rolling Stones in Prague Czech Republic July 2018

The Rolling Stones arrived into Prague from Stuttgart Germany, with just one more show to go on this tour later this week. Local fans have been loyal in the past as well, with record crowds of 127,000 fans at the Strahov Stadium many years ago. Also, fans from across Europe and the rest of the world arrived into Prague by train, car, flighs and were all ready for yet another great show. There was a Harley Davidson 115th anniversary celebration coming up in Prague as well, so the city was packed with both Stones fans and bikers.

Prague is such a beautiful city, with the Charles Bridge, all the historic buildings, and of course lots of tourists. I stayed close to the venue, and walked back to my hotel from the show, as often before. Food and drinks are cheap in Prague, and the beer is great, if you like a pilsner.

After the show we had probably the best organized crowd control of the tour. With around 80,000 fans all gathered on a large flat field, and with just one entrance, same as the exit, I expected a queue that might last an hour. Much to my surprise, they pushed away all the barriers while the show was finishing, and as we walked out they pushed away the rest. I was out from my PIT A right in the front of the 80,000, and all the way out of the venue in ten – 10 – minutes after the final bow, and I did not run, push or make any trouble on my way out, I just walked with the crowd, may be found the best routes of course.

Prague was a short visit, flying in the day before the show, and flying on to Warsaw Poland the next morning. I did a quick tourist trip on show day, in the morning, and for the rest of the day it was work from my hotel room, dining near the venue, and going out there as late as possible, to avoid the heat, as it was around 30 C i.e. arolund 90 F.

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The Rolling Stones – Letnany field – Prague, Czech Republic – Wednesday July 4, 2018