The Rolling Stones in Düsseldorf Germany 2017

The show in Düsseldorf Germany is set for Monday September 9. The previous show was on Tuesday September 3 in Copenhagen Denmark. Technically this makes five days of rest, but with one day or travel each way I am left with three plus plus days of free time at home. I am tired and overworked, with several hundred e-mail in my backlog, so I need a month of rest. But the three days were a good start. I have plans for how I can get more rest in Düsseldorf.

All hotels in Düsseldorf are overpriced. I am staying at the “far away” hotel Relexa Hotel Airport Dusseldorf, in Ratingen. I know the area because I stayed in the nearby Holiday Inn last time I was here in Düsseldorf for the Stones show in 2014, in the same venue. Great price, relaxing hotel, excellent quality, but pretty remote for everything except for the airport and the venue.

I have a plan for getting more work done, still getting down to the downtown Altstad to have a taste of the Altbier. Taxi is the solution. It will be expensive but I don’t have a choice. I am totally tired and I need to minimize stress. So I have six taxi rides in Düsseldorf, to and from the city, to and back from Altstad, and to and back from the show. I save hours of queuing and waiting time on the train, or walking, and I get more done.

In short, I love Düsseldorf, I love The Rhein, I love Altstad, I just love my new home the Relaxa and such a great home with lots of space and great meals, great altbier, and I love the show the Stones are performing here in Düsseldorf. Just like Copenhagen, this was such a great show!

This is bits from my Düsseldorf show report:

… The row of shows that started in Amsterdam and Copenhagen has been getting just better and better. They know what they are doing by now. They are well rehearsed and safe. The crowds are easy to play, and the indoor venues enhance the crowd noise to an extended level. It sure is hot like crazy inside, so I am down to my T-shirt, but being inside is still great when you know the weather is unstable outside.

At the end of Satisfaction I am slowly moving towards the exit area. I see the final bow, then, as the band is leaving, I start running. Well, the “Messe” area might be efficient, but I am not sure how easy it is to get a taxi still. I run, and I run, I am behind the stage, realizing I am going the wrong way. So much for crowd control. Then we are stopped. A large line of some 20-30 security people, holding a thin plastic rope, they are keeping the backdoor exit open for the Stones. Then 20-30 cars are leaving in a rush, I see Mick’s car, Ronnie, Charlie, Keith, family members and everyone else they rush out in the “quick exit” procedyre. Then they open up the rope, we get fireworks, the band is gone, and we all leave. I run for another 15 minutes, finally I find the train station, and I get a taxi in one minute. Ten minutes later I am at my hotel, ordering a highly needed “Frankenheim Alt” beer. I am tired, but I can’t sleep for a while still, with all these great memories.

The show photos here are taken by Neil Ebden.

Show reports and pictures:

The Rolling Stones – Esprit Arena – Düsseldorf, Germany – Monday October 9, 2017