The Rolling Stones live in Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 13

The Rolling Stones are performing the third show in Argentina during the 2016 tour. We are preparing the evening with a meal at Cafe La Barra on Cordoba 484. A large Banana Split will take care of the energy level for a while. Then our favorite taxi driver is waiting at 4pm outside our hotel. I managed to read 10 minutes in the user guide of my camera, for the first time, and will try a manual setting, hoping the B-stage photos will work this time. We are at La Plata at 5:30 and inside the venue within half an hour. Staying close up at the B-stage is hard work but we stay there from “Happy” and until the end of the show. “Miss You” with Mick, Ronnie and Keith close up was one highlight, another was Mick and Sasha during “Gimme Shelter”.

Great to meet old friends inside the stadium. The crowd is great during both warmup bands. It is very hot, with high humidity level. I am sweating even before the Rolling Stones are on stage. Once the Stones are on, the real sweating is starting. In short, a great show, see the reports in the IORR pages The Rolling Stones, Estadio Unico, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday February 13, 2016.

Then the sad fact… The show is over. My show number ten in Argentina with The Rolling Stones finish at 11:22pm. We meet with friends. Most are going home to Buenos Aires and elsewhere in Argentina. The fans who travel are on a longer trip back home next day. A few will follow the band to the next show in Montevideo Uruguay.

We walk out into the night of La Plata with thousands of fans. Food, drinks and not so official merchandise is on sale everywhere. Our taxi driver spot us and say hello. We walk for a while and find the car. Then into the queue back to Buenos Aires. Our taxi driver have a cooler with cold Quilmes beer. He is smiling, happy, handing us the beer, and we head back home – where home is right now in Stonesland…